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Who are we ?

SILA-IWCL stands for SILA International Women’s Club Ljubljana . The word “sila” also means “strength” in the Slovene language. SILA-IWCL is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organisation, formed in 1993 and run voluntarily by its members. The club offers its members numerous opportunities to participate in diverse and interesting activities to foster deeper mutual understanding among ourselves and to expand our knowledge of Slovenia and the rest of the world.

Currently SILA-IWCL has nearly 170 members of all ages from over 40 countries. Some are living in Slovenia temporarily, while others have been resident for many years, including many Slovene ladies. Our members have highly diverse backgrounds, including business, HR, politics, PR or spouses of diplomatic representatives.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

SILA-IWCL is here to welcome and assist newcomers to Slovenia. We share information and experience, foster goodwill and friendship among our members. By becoming our member you can participate in all SILA-IWCL events, interest groups and regular activities – we organize cultural, sports, educational and social activities. 


What we do?

An important part of our activities are also charitable events, the ultimate event SILA-IWCL bazaar is held annually at the end of November or beginning of December, in order to collect money to help people in need. If you want to donate to SILA-IWCL and help our selected projects, you can contact us for more information or donate directly on our account: Sberbank, IBAN SI56 3000 0010 4338280, SWIFT/BIC code SABRSI2X. 

If you or your spouse are employed and pay taxes in Slovenia, in accordance with the Article 142 of the Tax law you can decide to donate up to 0,5 % of your income tax directly to an organisation of your choice. It would be very good of you to choose SILA, so that we have more money at our disposal to help those in need, rather than leave it up to the government to decide where your money should be spent.


To us every little helps! All you have to do is to fill out our form and bring it to our General Meeting or send it to us by mail.

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