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Ongoing project

SQUIRREL HOME (VEVERIČKA DOM), at Youth and Health Resort Debeli Rtič

Taking care of children and other vulnerable groups is an essential part of Red Cross Slovenia's mission. Since 1956, the Health Resort RKS Debeli Rtič, owned by the Slovenian Red Cross, has been taking care of the well-being of children. Over 18,000 children visit this place every year. Children come for a variety of reasons: 14-day spa treatment for children with diseases of the lungs, skin, and locomotor system; children who are often ill can participate in 10-days ning organized by clubs 

At the resort children stay in 4 different youth homes and Veverička is one of them. It was built in 1963 and it has been in a dire need of renovation and remodeling for the last few decades. Remodeling started in the year 2014 with gradual renovations of the roof area, the bathrooms, and the indoor classroom. 

With our Together help we donated so far:

In 2021: 51 furnished beds for the sleeping rooms

in 2022: we equipped an outdoor classroom where children, from the smallest who are still in kindergarten to older children are now able to  spend their days playing outdoors

This year’s project will bring funds for the equipment of the indoor classroom (called Veveričji domek- The Squirrel House) for children to use during the rainy or cold weather days. The Squirrel house covers 80 square meters and we will contribute with the following:  replacement of the old flooring with a new tile flooring, replacement of one of the windows, whitewashing of the wall, purchasing of 16 new chairs to be placed next to the existing table at which the children will be able to discuss new ideas and create, buying a sofa where children can read books, calm down and, if necessary, talk with an adult about the beautiful 

and not such  beautiful things in their lives.summer rehabilitation programs; children from socially unprivileged environment can enjoy 7-day holidays during spring, summer, or winter holiday; school children come via school programs for all grade levels; every year more and more young athletes come to sports train. 


ASSOCIATION DLAN of the Deafblind of Slovenia

The organization has been operating for 18 years as an independent and autonomous professional disability organization for people with deafblindness from all over Slovenia. The hub of the Association is the Day Centre that provides a range of activities tailored to the specific needs of people with deafblindness.

SILA will with the help of donors: depending on the collected funds, we will help with renovation works of their premises, the offices and the Day Centre.  The Association needs the following renovation works: replacement of the windows and windowsills, sanding and repairing of the parquet flooring, electrical installations and painting walls, pipes, doors and radiators. They need funds to pay the parquet fitter, the electrician and the painter. Furthermore the Association needs new computer equipment and computer software, as well as reprint of new promotional materials such as T-shirts and fleece jackets for employees and Volunteers with the logo of the Association- those contribute massively to the recognition of their work and efforts toward societal inclusion of the deafblind persons.



KAMNIK has been in operation since 1999 and has a status of an NGO. It offers help to children, minors and adults with development disorders, either emotional or physical. Their center in Tuhinja valley provides different forms of daycare, guidance and employment under special conditions. The center is visited by 22 users daily and, together with the green areas surrounding the center, can receive up to 170 members of the Association, of which 48 are minors and adults with a developmental disorder and members of the public that support the association. The users of the center are, under the guidance of their mentors, actively working with different companies and do the work for different organizations that appreciate their hard work, the authenticity and the quality of their work. The Center is yearly present in many local events, such as fairs at the Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage in Kamnik, as well as the New Year’s and Easter fairs.

SILA will with the help of donors: depending on the raised amount, we will either help with paying for a December festive celebration for 48 children, minors and adults with the arrival of one of the Good men (St.Nicolas, Noel, or Grandpa Frost). If the funds suffice, we will help with providing the funds for 48 therapeutic pillows (with double pillowcase) that will be given out as a New Year’s gift to 48 persons with development disorders or will be providing the funds to buy sport lounge wear for the sport team of the center that attends the games of the regional and national Special Olympics (SOS) yearly.


CUDV DRAGA, Center za usposabljanje, delo in varstvo Dolfke Boštjančič

CUDV Draga is a NGO that provides education, training, medical care, rehabilitation and care for children, minors and adults with minor, mild or severe mental developmental disorders. The center consists of 5 homes, a school, workshops, clinic and areas for medical (re)habilitation, as well as other residential houses in other parts of Slovenia: at Škofljica, in Ljubljana (Fužine, BTC, Vižmarje, Vodnikova street and Rožna Dolina), Novo mesto, Ribnica, Grosuplje, at Ljubljana Barje and in Ankaran. There are in total 490 children, minors and adults that live, train and work between all of the units of the center, out of which 150 are employed in a variety of different jobs and forms of employment under special conditions.

Together with donors, SILA will: help with the purchase of an indoor cycling bike (Kettler RIDE 300) that will be used for the physiotherapeutic interventions.



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