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Membership Rules & Obligations

Members are encouraged to get involved in SILA-IWCL activities – they can participate in as many activities as they choose. They can vote at the assembly of SILA-IWCL and to submit suggestions for the adoption of new decisions. They can stand as a candidate to Board of management, and Disciplinary or Supervisory boards and they can form interest groups. Members receive a monthly newsletter, which includes an overview of upcoming activities during that month, and weekly reminders.

Our monthly General Meeting, which takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at Grand Hotel Union, or other hotels, embassies, galleries. provides an opportunity to learn about cultural events in Slovenia, sign up for current activities happening within SILA-IWCL or socialize with friends and new members.

Our members’ duties and obligations are to act in conformity with SILA-IWCL statute, to renew the annual membership fee when requested, to work in accordance with the goals and tasks of the Association, and to protect the reputation of the Association. While members are free to organise activities for SILA-IWCL, they are requested not to use the association to promote personal/commercial businesses. Activities should serve social and/or intellectual and/or charitable purposes only.

Members can bring guests to our meetings or activities. However those who wish to attend further activities must register as members.

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